Monday, September 23, 2013

Thank you to everyone who came out to our General Membership meeting at Milano Cafe this evening, what a great turnout!  Thank you to CIAO member, Dr.Tony Denisco for such an informative talk on handgun law and concealed weapon permits, it generated a lot of interest and lively discussion. 

Our president, Pete Mariotti spent some time talking about our new revised Constitution and he explained how the new revisions were written with the intent of creating a more member-focused organization where the membership has more knowledge of what's going on and more input in club decisions. According to the new revised Constitution, Board members will now be elected by the membership instead of appointed by the President as the procedure has been. This will allow more diversity and ensure that we have a board that is representative of all the membership. Our first election of Board members will be held next year, alternating election years with the officer positions.  Pete emphasized that the Board welcomes comments, ideas and questions from our membership at any time. 

And the part everyone is wondering about, we held our first cash drawing tonight!  The good news for all of us is, the winner was not present so the money goes into the pot and next month's drawing will be for $200! The bad news is, Brad Spencer, you could have had an extra $100 in your pocket right now. No worries, Brad, your name has been put back into the bucket for another chance next month! 
Tonight is the night!

It's the first full day of Autumn and tonight is our first General Membership Meeting after a summer that flew by too fast. You will want to be here for this.  As if the great food and friendship alone aren't enough to entice you, we are starting something NEW and FUN!  

Cash drawing at every General Membership Meeting starts NOW

Here's the plan.  The names of all members are in the bucket.  At each meeting, one name will be drawn. If your name is drawn and you are present, you win $100! If you are not present, your name goes back in the bucket and the $100 is back in the pot for the next meeting. The value of the pot goes up $100 every time the member whose name is drawn is not present, maximum possible prize will be $900 if at the end of our 9 General Membership meetings for the year, no one has won by then. Keep watching the newsletters to see who our winners are and if you missed out on an easy 100 bucks. 

See you tonight at the Milano Cafe!