Scholarship Recipients

2018 Scholarship Recipients
Knights of Columbus Hall
May 16, 2018

Seated l-r: Karis Wilson, Gabrielle Goecke, Madison Langhals, Alexa Hawk, Kylie Guagenti, Nikiyja Carter, Faith Gossard, Savannah Meeker. Standing l-r: Ethan Mangette, Joseph Sanchez, Michael Johnston, Nicholas Azzarello and Nicholas Dove

CIAO awards $12,000 in scholarships
LIMA — The Charitable Italian American Organization of Lima (CIAO) awarded its 2018 scholarships at its awards banquet held May 16 at the Knights of Columbus Hall.
The organization awarded $12,000 in scholarships, $1,000 to a student from each school from which it received an application.
Italian heritage is not a requirement for CIAO’s scholarships or its charitable giving. To qualify, the student must be a graduating senior from a school in or a resident of Allen County. He or she must hold a minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA, submit official transcripts and ACT or SAT scores, two letters of recommendation from a school faculty member and a member of the community, a written essay, and a list of achievements, awards, community service, employment, clubs and extracurricular activities.
Scholarship recipients included Nicholas Azzarello, Nikiyja Carter, Nicholas Dove, Gabrielle Goecke, Faith Gossard, Alexa Hawk, Michael Johnston, Madison Langhals, Ethan Mangette, Savannah Meeker, Joseph Sanchez and Karis Wilson.  A 13th $1,000 scholarship, the John and Gena Mongelluzzo Scholarship was funded by the Mongelluzzo family and awarded to Kylie Guagenti.
In keeping with tradition, CIAO also awarded its Service Above Self Award. This award is presented to CIAO members who go above and beyond to help the organization uphold its motto, “Our family helping others.” This year’s honor was presented to founding members, Joseph and Beatrice Zuppardo.
Service Above Self Award winners, Bea and Joe Zuppardo with CIAO President, Doug Wise

For more than 30 years, CIAO, formerly UNICO, has raised funds to donate to local worthy causes and award college scholarships to Allen County high school graduates.CIAO holds two major events each year, its Reverse Raffle and Designer Purse Bingo to raise funds to support its charitable giving.   


2017 Scholarship Recipients
Milano Cafe, May 22, 2017
left to right: Rachel Ballinger, Addison Wireman, Taylor Miller, Anthony Venturella, Adrian Johnson, Thomas Williams, Gabrelle Dulebohn, Karenna Langhals, Caleb Austin, Jaclyn Diglio, Paul Blasiman, Lauren Bull, Abigail Durst, Eli Bourassa, Gage Goecke.

The Charitable Italian American Organization (CIAO) of Lima held its 2017 scholarship awards banquet on May 22nd at the Milano CafĂ©.   Applications were available to students from all Allen County schools, and this year, CIAO awarded fourteen $1,000 scholarships to students from every school applications were received from.  A fifteenth scholarship was funded and presented by members of the Mongelluzzo family. This scholarship, The John and Gena Mongelluzzo Scholarship was awarded to Anthony Venturella.  

Italian heritage is not a requirement for CIAO’s scholarships or its charitable giving. To qualify, students must be a graduating senior from a school in or a resident of Allen County. They must hold a minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA, submit official transcripts and ACT or SAT scores, two letters of recommendation from a school faculty member and a member of the community, a written essay, and a list of achievements, awards, community service, employment, clubs and extracurricular activities.

In keeping with tradition at the annual scholarship banquet, CIAO awarded its Service Above Self Award. This year’s award was given to John and Gena Mongelluzzo.  Gena accepted the award on behalf of her husband and herself along with their daughter, Maria Sanko and son, Frank Mongelluzzo.  John Mongelluzzo was a well-respected pillar of the Lima community and charter member of the local UNICO which later became CIAO, he passed away in March of 2017. John and Gena have worked tirelessly to support the ideals, mission and motto for which CIAO was founded on, “Our family helping others.”  They knew the value of education and have continually gone above and beyond to help CIAO raise the funds to provide scholarships for so many years. 

2017 Service Above Self Award: L-R: Maria Sanko, Gena Mongelluzzo, Frank Mongelluzzo and Abby Mongelluzzo.

2016 Scholarship Recipients
Knights of Columbus Hall, June 15, 2016

Standing l-r:  Dylan Tippie, Austin Rex,  Mark Bixel, Dominic Azzarello.   Seated l-r: Andrea Rocca,  Sari Jones, Ariana Sherrell,  Kimberly Dove, Ariel Schantz, Samantha Nusbaum.
Dylan Tippie - Lima Central Catholic

Austin Rex - Spencerville

Mark Bixel - Bluffton

Dominic Azzarello - Shawnee

Andrea Rocca - Bath

Sari Jones - Lima Senior

 Ariana Sherrell - Elida

Kimberly Dove - Perry

Ariel Schantz - Allen East

Samantha Nusbaum - Columbus Grove


2015 Scholarship Recipients
Awarded June 24th at the Knights of Columbus Hall, Lima

Front row L - R: Clark Etzler, Garrett Brinkman, Adam Purdy, Rachael Brown, McKenna Waldroup, Honesti Cowan, Meredith Bruno. Back row L - R: Trevor McMichael, Cierra Adams, Sydney Delgado, Julie Webster, McKenzie Smith, Jack Huffman, Grayce Smith, Madalynn Helmig, Emily Heffner, Robert Sarno, Vincent Schreck.

Clark Etzler - Elida
Garrett Brinkman - Elida
Adam Purdy - Elida
Rachael Brown - Shawnee
McKenna Waldroup - Shawnee
Honesti Cowan - Lima Senior
Meredith Bruno - Lima Central Catholic
Trevor McMichael - Spencerville
Cierra Adams - Spencerville
Sydney Delgado - Allen East 
Julie Webster - Allen East
McKenzie Smith - Allen East
Jack Huffman - Lima Central Catholic
Grayce Smith - Bath
Madalynn Helmig - Bath
Emily Heffner - Bath
Robert Sarno - Lima Central Catholic
Vincent Schreck - Lima Central Catholic
Elizabeth Art - Shawnee
Sophia Venturella - Lima Central Catholic


2014 Scholarship Recipients
Awarded June 25, 2014 at Knights of Columbus Hall in Lima, Ohio

Standing L-R: Eric Heffner, Steven Mulholland, Emilee Stroud, Racheal Love, Taylor Johnson, Troy Pellegrini, Lexis Davis, Katelyn Guagenti, Taylor Malsam, Olivia DePalma, Sophia DePalma. Sitting L-R: Zachary Schroeder, Emily Schwager, Jonah Bourassa, Christopher Proby, Smantha Garlock, Leighton Wireman, Caitlyn Wurst. 

Awarded June 2014

Eric Heffner: Bath

Steven Mulholland: Bath

Emilee Stroud:  Shawnee

Racheal Love:  Elida/Apollo

Taylor Johnson:  Wapak

Caitlyn Wurst:  Spencerville

Lexis Davis:  Perry

Katelyn Guagenti:  Ada

Troy Pellegrini:  Shawnee

Olivia DePalma:  LCC

Sophia DePalma:  LCC

Zachary Schroeder:  LCC

Emily Schwager:  Bluffton

Jonah Bourassa:  Bluffton

Taylor Malsam:  Columbus Grove

Samantha Garlock:  LCC

Leighton Wireman:  Lima Senior

Christopher Proby:  Lima Senior


2013 Scholarship Recipients
City Club, Lima, Ohio

Standing L-R: Tyler Rigg, Rachel Yoder, Brendan Giambruno-Fuge,  Andre'as Williams, Rachel Keske, Rachael Kahle, Bethany Koch, Austin Etzler, Daniel Settlemire.
Seated L-R: Hailey Perkins, Ashlynn Vieira, Cassidy Bowman, Caitlynn Holobaugh.

Awarded June 2013

Cassidy Bowman - Lima Senior Senior High School - Performance

Joseph Cunningham  - Lima Central Catholic

Austin Etzler - Elida High School 

Brendan Giambruno-Fuge - Delphos St Johns

Lauren Harvey- Elida High School - Apollo

Caitlynn Holobaugh - Lima Senior High School

Rachael Kahle - Spencerville High School

Rachel Keske - Shawnee High School

Bethany Koch - Elida High School

Hailey Perkins - Allen East High School

Tyler Rigg - Lima Central Catholic

Daniel Settlemire - Spencerville High School

Eric Tedosio - Shawnee High School - Apollo

Ashlynn Vieira - Bath High School

Andre’as Williams - Lima Senior Progressive Academy

Rachel Yoder - Bluffton High School


Beyond this point are past scholarship recipients, only back to 2005. Unfortunately, we do not have complete records so there may be misspellings of names, missing names, and we do not have their schools. If you know anyone on these lists and you see a misspelling or you know what school they were from, or a recipient is not listed, please let us know! ( 



Kourtney Reneau

Madison Clark

Lacy Pellegrini

Lydia Guagenti

Raquel Dominguez

Devon Guagenti

Samantha Williams

Katelyn Smith

Jonathan Vobbe

Sara Boughan

Timothy Taviano

John Cole

Kelsey Barrett

Richard C. Stolly

Alan Rosenbauer

Corissa Diane Evans



Garth McDorman

Caitlyn Kiracofe
David Yoder

Lauren Kahle
Jessica Stevenson
Amber Saddler
Emily Hullinger
Brittany Mooney
Amber Rigali
Alexander Wade
Brittany Koza
Sarah Koza
Kaprice Pickering
Lauren Diglia
Shannon Gorman
Kaley Core
Josiah McNulty
Tiffani Wurst

Brittany DeSandro


                        Awarded 2010

Cory Duff

Macdonnel Stanford

Alexandria Kennedy

Lauren Watson

Jared Klaus

Frankie Luchini

Jacob Rigali

Difinni Johnson

Lennex Cowan

Shelby Shockency

Cara Bifulco

Katie Roberts

Zachary Guagenti

Britni Cheney

Veronica Wende

Nicholas Truesdale

Nichole Reaver

Ashley Gilroy

Morgan Montgomery

Elizabeth Ulrich

Ellen Huffman


Awarded in 2009

Sierra Canter

Danielle Williams

Alexandra Cottle

Crystal DeVita

Michael DePalma

Elizabeth DePalma

Amanda Cadle

Alex Diglio

Chelsea Mooney

Dominic DePalma

Aaron Swinehart

Steven Hager

Kate Morgenstern

Jonica Schmutz

Paul Yoder

Samantha Conley

Amy Sarno

Amy Campbell

Brittany Venturella

Allison Venturella


Awarded 2008

Laren Thomas

Emily Kerber

John Guagenti

Samantha Lawrence

Katelynn Baker

Joy Roberson

Beth Gilmore

Laura Wilker

Cameron Baker

Alyssa Bifulco

Julie Cusick

Jordan Silone

Matthew Huffman

Pat Sefferson

Nick Stanford


Awarded 2007

Caleb Wireman

William DeRose

Ashley Kill

Erin LaMantia

Joseph Leaman

Nicholas Evans

Ryan Lowry 

Korey Sarven

Jami Bellamy

Kristen Sutton

Caitlin Gorman

Morgan Diglia

Jared Caprella

Jillian Hanes

John DeNisco

Brandi Shockency

Alexandra Luchini

Sara Steman


Awarded 2006

Nick Page

Anthony Azzarello

Jared Rigali

Clare Huffman

Dana Cook

Louie DeRose


Awarded 2005

Sarah McCaslin

Lindsay Contini-Gentry

Caitlin Hawley

Joe Guagenti

Ashley Waller

Katie Guagenti

Jason Sarno

Pamela Proctor


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